Al-Iman Society of Northampton
  Thursday 30th March 2017 07:23:57 PM
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    Al-Iman Society of Northamptonshire is a society established by Swahili speaking Muslims from Eastern part of Africa currently residing in this county of the United Kingdom.

    The Society was established in 2001 and attained a charitable status in November 2006.

    The aim of this society, among others, are to educate ourselves with proper Islamic teachings and guidance through Daawah (propagation) activities,, to support and help each others in our day to day activities as well as our religious duties , to raise our children according to proper Islamic upbringing, to protect our community from the more


    Swalaatul Eid

    Imewekwa: 29/06/2016

    Assalaamu Alaykum Eid Prayer will be held at Racecourse Park on the day of Eid ( subject to the more

    Our activities

    Imewekwa: 07/06/2016

    This is a community based programme which its initiation starts from the members with the aim of more

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