Al-Iman Society of Northampton
  Thursday 14th December 2017 10:01:40 AM
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  • How can you be part of our Cause

    By becoming

    ยท        A member: for those who are interested in joining the society.

    ยท        A Trustee:  for those elected to become the custodians of our society.

    ยท        A Contributor: for those interested in joining our bereavement fund contributory scheme.

    ยท        A Sponsor: for those interested in providing one off or periodical financial support.

    ยท        A Volunteer: for those interested in participating and supporting our charitable activities.

    ยท        A Teacher: for those who have qualifications in dispensing educational duties.

    ยท        A Student of knowledge: for those interested in learning (adults and children).

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